I have been creating freelance art work both fine and commercial in the twin cities for over two decades. This has involved many things including museum and commercial gallery shows of original art work, album and C.D. cover design, magazine illustration, and digital photo restoration.


My fine art work of recent years has involved a combination of photography and computer technology. First, original photographs and found images are scanned into a computer. There they are manipulated and composited into digital files. These files are then output as large digital prints.


The result is a kind of hybrid romantic/expressionist style of digital photographic prints. By this I mean colorful, dramatic scenes from classic theater and emotionally evocative figurative and landscape work. This work is a very personal examination that reflects our universal human experience.


All the work on this website are of course for sale, but because of the complexities involved in production costs relative to each job every commission will be negotiated separately.


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